Living Personal Mastery

A path build on inner values fit for the 21 century

20140720_130948_AndroidWhat is my life all about? Do you ask yourself that question frequently? It is an important one to answer! Is it about creating a significant career, a healthy family, a lot of money, long lasting happy-ness?

Each one of these are important to us, and yet we can get so attached to ‘having them’ and ‘ holding onto them’ that we can wait decades to be someone!

I find myself wondering if it these ‘goals’ are actually enough to serve me for my entire life, my whole being, or do I need a different, more robust and stable platform; one that does not waiver with every large event that happens to me, one I can count on, one I can call my journey, my path. A path builds on inner values, resilience and faith. If you want to explore which path is unfolding for you, in the midst of your current reality, then let’s do it together.

Creating your Life Purpose is part of such discernment. Why am I doing what I am doing? Who is in charge of the direction of my life. I discovered several years ago that I want to love and to serve others in my life. That short statement has been my inner compass in every situation. How can I love more and what can I bring now, and in every moment to serve people and the bigger context?

Practising Mindfulness

20140731_123749_AndroidIt is very important to find a still point and a still place inside us from which we meet the world, as opposed to being pulled in all directions in the busy-ness of our daily life. We see mindless-ness all around us and get caught up in it often. We find ourselves doing and saying things we regret. It is therefore vitally important to become aware and wake up from a deep sleep as G.I. Gurdjieff, the middle eastern mystic and teacher, speaks of. He is not talking about the inert state of sleep, where we just lie there and don’t do any harm. He is talking about the waking sleep in which we act unconsciously and automatically and cause others upset and harm.

As human beings, we have the unique capacity to override this sleep and to become aware of our present moment, of our body, our thoughts and our emotions. We can wake up and live hear, now, every moment. The trick is to remember it each time we go back to sleep which is many times every day. It is a unique skill which can be learnt. It takes personal discipline to start and to continue this journey. The practise takes part in our daily life and continues to the end!