Peak Performance Coaching


I am a great fan of the Olympic movement and the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.

I have delivered specialist training and coaching to Olympians, professional footballers, esteemed leaders and champions in businesses, governments and schools.

Practical and meaningful sessions enable individuals and teams to achieve and maintain their personal best and realise their full potential. By overcoming the negative mind-set developed after injuries, dealing with self-doubt& negative comparisons, it is possible to develop a deep mental resilience which builds a platform from which to face setbacks and even failure.

It is not about always winning the game, but ‘getting back on the horse after a fall’, that sets champions apart. It is about finding the creative spark in all situations, no matter what.

Individuals will learn to think as champions, which is the first step to performing as a champion.

The winning game is as much created in the mind and heart as it is determined by talent, skill and practice. The essential motivating focus is a solid inner platform of values, vision, purpose and commitment, as opposed to the fear of failure or to chase after promised external rewards and medals.

Through working across many disciplines including at premiership football level, I have learnt how to consistently bring excellence forward without injury, burnout or inner defeat.

Individuals will learn to think as champions, which is the first step to performing as a champion.

The winning game is as much created in the mind and heart as it is determined by talent, skill and practice. The essential motivating focus is a solid inner platform of values, vision, purpose and commitment, as opposed to the fear of failure or to chase after promised external rewards and medals.

Through working across many disciplines including at premiership football level, I have learnt how to consistently bring excellence forward without injury, burnout or inner defeat.

Business, my work with Whitten & Roy Partnership

mapv5-1024x466WRP is a consulting firm, who transform sales results and empower sales leaders; the principle of which is:

Transformation is a fundamental change

that becomes permanent over time

I have known Dr Roy Whitten and Scott Roy for several decades and started working with WRP five years ago. . WRP has provided transformational sales training in 45 countries and many languages.

Salespeople are a special breed, and it is sales that drive the business. They require three fundamental developments: the ability to maintain an attitude of possibility, genuine competence in the complex sale, and the ability to master the execution daily.

RACE Fulcrum

Scott Roy had an important mentor early in his career, Spencer Hayes, who used to tell him:

You build your people and

your people build your business.

He proved to be right. When we help companies invest in their people, their people have invested in the company and significant change has been created.

Apart from the work in the commercial sector we also work in the developing world. Read more about this life saving work on:

Education, my work with Eton college

20150624_211154We took 25 Etonians and 25 boys from a comprehensive school into the remote regions of Scotland and Wales, living together outside their comfort zone, building friendships, respect and mutual understanding.

The Principle

Eton masters have been developing the educational ideas behind this course for a number of years, in collaboration with organisations and educationalists who are leaders in related fields.

The course has been designed to impart an education in the following areas:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Developing resilience in overcoming setbacks
  • Broadening the confidence to cope with challenging situations
  • Heightening self-awareness
  • Making good decisions and taking responsibility for their consequences
  • Experiencing and understanding different forms of leadership
  • Developing skills in collaboration, including communication, planning and problem-solving
  • Recognising the importance of considering, appreciating and accepting others
  • Deepening an awareness of the environment
  • Experiencing and understanding the satisfaction and reward of service

“The course is largely experiential. The boys learn through doing, and through reflecting on their experiences. It impels the group into new experiences outside their comfort zone, with the aim of showing them how much more they can achieve when they extend themselves beyond the familiar. Many of the activities take the form of structured teamwork, so that the boys learn how to operate successfully within the dynamics of a group. It includes guided sessions before and after each experience which are designed to enhance greatly the boys’ self-awareness and their ability to communicate successfully in groups. All boys possess natural qualities of leadership, albeit in different forms, and they uncover how they can lead most effectively; they also learn the notion of ‘leadership through service’, whereby one’s success as a leader is measured by the contribution one makes to the success of a group. The focus is on taking responsibility, on making good decisions, on taking leadership roles, and on how to manage when the group has no leader. The aim is that in the process the students will develop resourcefulness, resilience, reciprocity, self-confidence, self-reliance and respect for themselves and others.”

Exert from Eton plus 2015 report 

A Healthy Career


How to be highly successful without burnout is the title of a new course which is offering to understand and eliminate causes and consequences of ‘burnout’ When hard working and skilled professionals feel stressed, drained, powerless and no longer able to deliver effectively, Burnout is all too often a consequence. Once this cycle is underway they easily lose their mental and physical well-being, resulting in a loss of motivation and energy and sometimes the loss of employment.

In the workshop you learn how to prevent this dynamic, regain momentum and powerfully and energetically take your next step forward. Sometimes it is a radical change that is required, sometimes just a shift in attitude can brings a new dimension. More importantly, one can learn to prevent this from happening by recognising when to take risks and when to Stop.

Practical and meaningful sessions allow individuals and teams to sustain their performance and realise their potential.


tc-chop-4b[1]By overcoming self doubt and mental challenges, individuals will learn to think as a champion, which is the first step to performing as a champion.

As a Kung Fu Instructor, teaching for 18 years, I learned all about accuracy, strength and endurance. This is the path to become a peaceful warrior. The development of the mental power is as important as the development of the physical athleticism.

Here is my teacher in action:  Trish Chang (7th Degree Black Belt),   a senior master instructress and a Guinness World Record holder, chopping 4 building blocks to show the type of power that women can develop for self-defence.